Inside a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)

A look inside our mobile medical units, including the supplies and equipment each unit is outfitted with.

What is a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)? 

At Kel-Dam, we specialize in first aid services for remote and high-risk worksites. In these unique circumstances, we help employers provide their workforce with access to reliable medical care in case of an emergency. This is done by outfitting these remote and high risk sites with mobile medical units (MMU) and first aid attendants. Mobile medical units are equipped to support first aid attendants in treating various types of injuries, while also being portable with the ability to travel promptly through harsh terrains. 

What is a mobile medical unit? It is a portable on-site medical facility that is designed to travel from high-risk remote worksites to advanced medical care facilities. These units are stationed on site to provide immediate treatment for any medical emergencies that may occur and are ready to mobilize with a moment’s notice. Mounted on four wheel drive trucks with rollover protection, mobile medical units are capable of transporting patients over harsh terrains, ensuring your workforce has access to medical facilities wherever they are.

Equipped with certified first-aid attendants, supplies and emergency response equipment, mobile medical units are outfitted for all types of emergencies. From minor treatment to major trauma, this valuable resource benefits any remote or high risk site.

Inside a Mobile Medical Unit 

Every mobile medical unit comes equipped with the following supplies and equipment.

OFA Level 3 First Aid Kit 

According to Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines (table 5), remote and high risk worksites that have more than eleven workers per shift require an OFA Level 3 Attendant and an OFA Level 3 first aid kit to be present on site. Each mobile medical unit is managed by an OFA Level 3 Attendant or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), as well as an OFA Level 3 First Aid Kit.

What’s included in a Level 3 First Aid Kit: 

Level 3 First Aid Kit

2414 cm x 19 cm wound cleansing towelettes, individually packaged
50Sterile adhesive dressings, assorted sizes, individually packaged
2010 cm x 10 cm sterile gauze dressings, individually packaged
410 cm x 16.5 cm sterile pressure dressings with crepe ties
420 cm x 25 cm sterile abdominal dressings, individually packaged
6Cotton triangular bandages, minimum length of base 1.25 m
25 cm x 4.5 m rolls of adhesive tape
47.5 cm X 4 m conforming gauze bandages
47.5 cm x 4.5 m crepe roller bandages
114 cm stainless steel bandage scissors or universal scissors
111.5 cm stainless steel sliver forceps
4Quick straps (a.k.a. fracture straps or zap straps)
1Windlass style tourniquet
1Pocket mask with a one-way valve and oxygen inlet
6Pairs of medical gloves (preferably non-latex)
6Medical masks (also known as procedure or surgical masks)
2Face shields (or safety eyewear)
1Waterproof waste bag
1Penlight or flashlight
Patient assessment charts
First aid records

OFA Level 3 First Aid Kits includes an Oxygen Kit with the following contents

1Portable oxygen therapy unit consisting of a cylinder of compressed oxygen, a pressure regulator, a pressure gauge, a flow meter, non-rebreathing mask, and nasal cannula
1Oropharyngeal airway kit
1Manually operated self-inflating bag-valve mask with an oxygen reservoir
1Digital pulse oximeter
1Portable suction unit

Advanced Communication Equipment 

According to OHS Guidelines, an emergency vehicle needs to have effective voice communication between the operator and the attendant in the treatment area of the vehicle. Emergency vehicles also need to have effective communication with the accident scene.

Our mobile medical units all include cellular phones, GPS units, and handheld radios, in compliance with OHS communication standards for even the most isolated areas.

Extra Headroom

Our mobile medical units are spacious with extra headroom. This allows the unit to substitute as a dressing station or first aid room.

Non-Porous Floor

As per Occupation Health and Safety Guidelines, it’s important for medical units to have non-porous floors. This ensures the surface can be cleaned effectively with soap and water, eliminating the potential for contamination.

Source of Light 

All mobile medical units are equipped with proper lighting, ensuring the station is well-lit to provide ideal treatment conditions.

Source of Heat

In emergencies, a source of heat is extremely important. Mobile medical units are required to be able to provide sufficient warmth for good patient care, helping to maintain body temperature. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure the source of heat will not be a hazard when oxygen is in use. 

Water Supply 

Every mobile medical unit is equipped with fresh potable water, as per Occupation Health and Safety Guidelines. 

Mobile medical units provide reliable medical care to workers in remote and high risk areas. They are equipped to support staff in any medical emergency, with supplies to treat minor wounds and transport workers to advanced medical centers should major emergencies occur. 
This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the supplies available on a mobile medical unit. To hear more about our mobile medical units, please get in touch.

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