Introduction of the British Columbia Construction Association (BCAA) Virtual Hotline

A feedback tool designed to open communication and increase safety standards during the pandemic.

On May 29th the British Columbia Construction Association (BCAA) released a statement entitled Construction Sector United in Fight Against COVID-19, detailing a recovery plan for BC’s construction industry. Included within are tools and resources designed to support organizations as they adapt to new operational procedures and policies, as leadership teams struggle to balance company revenues and employee safety.

Feedback Tool for the Construction Industry

safety measures, stating “If a worksite isn’t safe, it shouldn’t be operational. What we’re here to say is when and where those worksites can be safe and can comply, we want to support those worksites continuing”.

To better understand the challenges construction workers and employers are facing, the BC Construction Association has created a virtual hotline. The message with this resource is clear: during “unprecedented times like this, communicating your situation to us is more important than ever. Please keep us informed to help us advocate on your behalf”.

BCCA has committed to monitoring survey results daily and have created a team of industry experts, ready to support construction workers and employers during the province’s recovery phase. The support team consists of of team members from the following organizations:

  • Canadian Construction Association
  • BC Ministry of Finance
  • Partnerships BC
  • CBRE Ltd
  • Council Of Construction Associations
  • BCCA Employee Benefit Trust
  • WorkSafeBC
  • BC Construction Safety Alliance
  • Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP
  • Pace Communications
  • Jouta Performance Group
  • Wylie-Crump Ltd

The Virtual Hotline

Submitting forms online can feel daunting, but the BC Construction Association has taken strategic steps to make this very important tool accessible and easy to use. By simply following the link from any mobile device, tablet, or computer, users will be asked twelve short-form questions. All of the questions are not mandatory, however BCAA requests that users be sure to answer everything that has an asterisk. By participating, workers give BCCA the consent to share the information gathered if necessary, but they assure users that all information is kept anonymous.

The Importance of Getting Involved

We know the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for workers and employers alike. The Virtual Hotline is a valuable resource to help industry professionals adapt and create policies and procedures to keep workers safe, while still continuing to move our economy forward into it’s recovery phase.

In high risk industries, such as the construction industry, it’s important to give employees the space and time to advocate for their safety. It can be difficult for some employees to speak out, often with fears of facing disciplinary actions or repercussions. Removing barriers and putting formal systems in place are great steps in creating a more communicative workplace, but the motivation to get involved is often driven by company culture and the attitude towards speaking up.

By drawing attention to the Virtual Hotline and encouraging employee engagement through this resource, leadership teams are demonstrating their desire for employee contribution and the importance of each person’s voice. The information gathered through this hotline benefits workers across the province, creating a sense of allyship and uniting workers during a time that it’s needed most.

To reach the Virtual Hotline, please click here.

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