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Kel-Dam First Aid Services provides Mobile First Aid Units and Mobile Treatment Centers in British Columbia.

Mobile Treatment Centers

Industrial operations are prevalent throughout our province of British Columbia. Many industries center around natural resources and are situated in the remote wilderness of the province. These remote worksites have unique challenges which are largely due to being physically isolated and far removed from most public services. These locations are often in areas that experience harsh and extreme weather conditions, increasing the potential for emergency situations and posing a unique threat on their own. These hazards, coupled with the fact that most sites are oftentimes located in areas that are not accessible by BC Ambulance Services, present many challenges for site managers to consider.

Construction worksites pose a lot of the same challenges that remote sites do. These sites are often dominated by large pieces of equipment, a hazard in itself, and in many cases, projects are located outside of metropolitan areas. Consider summer road workers on highway 1 and the distance they would have to travel in the unfortunate scenario of a worker being injured on site. In life-threatening situations, the need for medical staff and facilities is crucial for immediate treatment. In scenarios where the patient needs advanced medical care, transportation to a hospital needs to be available twenty-four hours a day.


A Mobile Medical Treatment Center is a small medical unit designed to be mounted on a standard truck or a four-wheel drive vehicle. These units are equipped with standardized first aid supplies and emergency response equipment for treatment on-site, as well as during transportation to a medical facility. Medical Treatment Centers are designed to provide medical services for remote industrial worksites where the risk of injury is high.

Settings That Require a Mobile Treatment Center

If you are operating in an area where immediate medical service is not accessible, a Mobile Treatment Center is fully equipped for immediate pre-hospital care at the scene or during transportation to a hospital. A Medical Treatment Center can serve the following projects and industries:

  • Forestry Operations
  • Mining Sites
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Road Construction
  • Forest Fire Management
  • Railroad Construction/Maintenance
  • Movie Productions

Our Mobile Treatment Centers

Our Mobile Treatment Centers are maintained and operated according to the general requirements of the BC Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations. Our fleet of three Mobile Treatment Centers, which are mounted on our ½ ton and ¾ ton trucks, are equipped with four-wheel technology and are certified rollover protected, allowing for safe access through harsh terrain. They are easy to move in and out of remote areas, making them a valuable resource for any remote site.

The units are outfitted for minor treatments and are capable of stabilizing patients with major injuries for emergency transport. Mobile Treatment Centers come with Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 3 medical staff, who are able to respond immediately to any medical or traumatic incidents that occur on-site. The units are equipped with the proper resources and equipment, allowing our crews to be flexible and adaptable when needed. The units have advanced communication equipment, including cellular phones, GPS units and handheld radio, complying with communication standards for even the most isolated sites. They can also substitute as a dressing station and/or first aid room, as well as an Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) should this become necessary.

Our Mobile Treatment Center teams are able to oversee twenty-four hour working operations with rotating first aid crews and/or vehicles.

Emergency Transport

Our Emergency Transport vehicles are outfitted to transport patients to BC Ambulance access (road or air access). Our trucks are equipped with four-wheel technology to allow us access to harsh terrain and are certified rollover protected. These units are easy to move in and out of remote areas and are equipped with the proper resources and equipment to allow our crews to be flexible and adaptable when needed. Our Emergency Transport vehicles possess advanced communication equipment to ensure safety compliance in remote locations, including cellular phones, GPS systems and handheld radios.

Medical Attendant Staffing

If you already possess a mobile unit of your own but need trained medical staff we have you covered. Our trained medical professionals and our EMR staff are available for contract.

Our contract crews are capable of providing surveillance and protocol management. In addition, these crews can create a personnel manifest, emergency response plans (ERP’s), hazard assessments and can complete two-hour safety checks where needed.

Not only can our crews help you meet health and safety requirements, but having our medical services on site allows for fewer site interruptions, keeping your workers where they need to be.

Having our professionally trained crews on-site means you will have immediate medical attention should any work-site incidents occur. During times of medical emergency, every minute counts.

Hiring our services can also ultimately provide cost savings throughout the overall project lifespan.